Introducing the City Gill

One major issue with air pollution masks/ respirators is the direct trade off between comfort and effectiveness. To be effective, a person should be fit tested by a technician with multiple respirators to identify one that is air tight and does not leak. Fitting children or those with beards is typically not possible. Even when properly fit and tightly strapped on, most folks find masks hot and constraining and induce feelings of claustrophobia. Wearing one on hot summer days during episodes of high ozone pollution is a nonstarter.  Likewise, using one while running or biking is an exercise in anxiety control and poor performance as one struggles to breathe.

Think your air pollution mask works? Most don’t. If it’s P100/ N100 rated, test the fit with smoke. Wear it in a confined space, light something on fire. If you smell smoke, it is leaking and will not be effective in protecting you from air pollution.

Maybe a mask isn’t the answer. Is there something better? We believe there is. It is called a City Gill.

City Gills are strapless, open face respirators designed for use by the general public. By coupling a mouthpiece to the most advanced 3M air filters we have overcome the two biggest problems with current air pollution protection, namely effectiveness and comfort.