The City Gill Advantage

City Gills work for everyone without fit testing. Adults and children, those with beards or “interesting” facial piercings, anyone who can use a snorkel mouthpiece can use a City Gill. No leaks. The fit is air tight.

City Gills use the best air pollution filters available. No need to reinvent the wheel.  3M has spent decades developing and refining air filters for their NIOSH certified commercial respirators. City Gills are compatible with all of 3M’s disk filters.  We prefer 3M’s Easy Breathing N100/P100 Advanced Particulate Filters with activated carbon to mitigate ozone exposure up to 10X OSHA limits and remove 99.97% of PM2.5 and PM10 particulates. These also neutralize some nuisance level acid gases including nitrogen and sulfur dioxide. Don’t settle for N95/P95 when your can use a P100 filter.

City Gills are comfortable to wear. They are lightweight requiring no straps and are held in place with just the mouth.  As such, cool air flows across the face. The disks are positioned on either side of the face enabling a clear view of one’s feet.

City Gills are the most efficient high aerobic respirators available.  Bikers, runners, and walkers are no longer confined to the gym on bad air days.  City Gill’s low internal volume maximizes respiratory efficiency. In “Cheetah Mode” there is zero tidal air exchange.  3M’s Advanced Particulate Filters provide the lowest breathing resistance of all P100 rated filters. No excuses, when the air pollution gets bad, do everyone a favor, run, bike, or walk to work.

City Gills help protect sensitive groups.  Expecting moms; those with asthma and allergies; cancer, pulmonary, and cardiovascular patients;  City Gills are a good aid in protecting even the most sensitive groups from the health consequences of breathing polluted air.